My Favorite Lululemon Pieces

Who doesn't love Lululemon? They're stuff is so comfortable and you can truly be in it everyday. I have spent a lot of time saving up for Lulu pieces and hunting down deals (PRO TIP: go to the Lululemon outlet at the Cabazon Outlets, it's seriously amazing and I've gotten so many great pieces for cheap from there!) Here I've put together a list of the pieces I wear regularly and swear by. I've tried a lot of pieces before but these are my all time favorites:

All Tied Up Tank ($44)

Love this tank because you can wear it tied up or loose. If I'm working out I'll usually tie it but if I'm just wearing the tank top out and about I'll usually leave it open! I have this in cream and light blue.

Swiftly Tech Racerback ($58)

This is such a classic tank. It's great for working out because it's super breathable and light. I love wearing this tank on outdoor runs. My favorite colors in this tank are white, salmon pink, and light blue.

Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew ($68)

This is basically the same as the tank top but in a t-shirt form. I wear this one to the gym a lot. It has a higher neck that allows for more coverage.

Hotty Hot Short II *2.5" ($58)

This is such a cute pair of shorts to have. It's super comfortable and I love the style of the siding. It's not as tight at the Speed Up Shorts (below). I usually wear it when I'm just out and about walking around.

Speed Up Short *2.5" ($58)

These are the shorts I wear when I'm working out. They're great for running when it's hot out. They're a little tighter than the Hotty Hot Shorts, but they're not skin tight or restrictive. These are the shorts every single girl had in high school, they're a classic!

Wunder Under Crop ($88)

I love the Wunder Under Crops because they come up high on me and come in a bunch of fun patterns. These are the perfect crop for a spin class. I would always wear my crops to class when I was in college.

Wunder Under High-Rise Tight ($98)

Again, I love how high these pants come up on me. The full length is great for a yoga class or when it's colder outside. I have a pair of these that I say are my "sweater material leggings". They're much thicker than normal leggings and keep me super warm. I wear the thicker version of these under my snowboarding pants when I'm up in the mountains.

Free To Be Bra (Wild) ($48)

This is by far my favorite Lululemon bra. I don't like wearing sports bras for a long time, but I could wear this one all day. It's insanely comfortable, not restrictive at all, and allows for so much movement without feeling like your boobs are flying all over the place. I would recommend this bra to everyone, plus the back is super cute! I have it in so many different colors and patterns.

The Reversible Mat ($68)

I got this yoga mat for about $25 at the Cabazon Outlets and I finally got to see what all the hype was all about. It stays put, is comfortable to lay on, and feels like a soft cushion that supports your wrists and ankles while you're doing yoga. Would definitely recommend this mat if you're getting into yoga.

Get Rolling Yoga Mat Bag ($68)

I also got this at the Cabazon Outlets for around $20. It's the perfect yoga bag and fits everything you need for class. It's easy to carry and comes in different colors.


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