My Favorite Lush Products

A little about Lush...

Lush Handmade Cosmetics first opened in 1996 as a brand where all the cosmetics would be made using only the freshest ingredients, not tested on animals, and sold fresh. Lush fights animal testing around the world, is 100% vegetarian, and makes all their products by hand. They've recently introduced "naked packaging" into their line. 35% of their products are totally unpackaged (why they call it "naked"), and the rest are packaged using recycled or recyclable material. Lush has even created an Ethical Buying team to ensure that the materials and ingredients in Lush products, as well as where they come from meet Lush ethical standards.

I'm officially obsessed with Lush and have tried so many of their products. I love the company and what they stand for, and their products are absolutely amazing. Here are my favorite lush products.

Fresh Face Masks

- Brazened Honey

I've talked about this one in my skincare article. It's my favorite one, it clears up my skin and makes it glow.

- Rosy Cheeks

This one makes your skin insanely soft. It's a soothing mask and I like to use it when I'm a little bit sunburned or irritated. It's calming and nourishes your skin.

- Cupcake

Not only does this one smell so amazing you want to eat it, but it deeply cleanses your skin too. It absorbs oils and clears up acne while mattifying your skin.

Shower Gels

- Honey I Washed The Kids

This one seriously smells so good, it's like a toffee/honey mixture. It's a super gentle shower gel, perfect for dry or sensitive skin.

- Rose Jam

I love rose scents so I love this shower gel. This one is more like a rose, lemon, and vanilla fusion. It's one of there more popular scents too.

Body Butters and Conditioners

- Scrubee Body Butter

I'm obsessed with this body bar. It's for buffing your skin and making it super smooth. The stripes of the bee alternate between exfoliating and moisturizing. It seriously softens your skin with one swipe, and it smells delicious.

- Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

This is a velvety rose-scented body conditioner that deeply moisturizes skin. It makes your skin insanely soft and doesn't leave any greasy residue.

Body Cleansers

- Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

I'm obsessed with this scrub. And it seriously does everything. It refreshes, exfoliates, and hydrates skin. It also brightens and tones. It's super popular and you can use it on your face and body. If you haven't tried Lush products yet, this may be a great place to start.

- Mask of Magnaminty

This mask is for face and body and was made to be deeply cleansing. One thing I've noticed is that it even helps get rid of bug bites. It seriously gets all the dirt and debris out of your pores and cleanses and soothes skin.

Bath Bombs

- Sex Bomb

I love this one because it smells like jasmine and it leaves a really pretty color in the bath. It also contains soy milk, so it softens your entire body while you're soaking. It's one of their best-selling bombs and I always get it when I'm picking up things at Lush.

- Butterball

This one has a vanilla scent. It's full of cocoa butter to hydrate and soften your skin.

- Honey I Washed The Kids

I love this scent in a shower gel so of course I love it in a bath bomb form. This one has aloe vera in it to soothe skin. I'm pretty sure it's limited edition so make sure you try it out soon!

Bubble Bars

- The Comforter

This is a super fruity scent and makes your bathwater super pink with the best smelling bubbles. You don't need to use the whole bubble bar for one bath. One bubble bar will last me a while, you just break off pieces and use them. Seriously, they fill the tub with bubbles.

- A French Kiss

This one is a mixture of lavender and rosemary. It has a blend of essential oils so it's perfect for relaxing and getting you ready for bed.

Body Lotions

- Karma Kream

Karma is Lush's most popular perfume so they made it into a body lotion. It's a spicy and citrusy smell. It has almond oil and cocoa butter to soften skin as well as orange oil to brighten.

- Charity Pot

Charity Pot is a super cool thing. With every purchase of Charity Pot, Lush donates 100% of the price (minus taxes) to small grassroots organizations working in environmental conservation, human rights, and animal welfare. Not to mention it smells amazing (floral, rosey scent).


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