Podcasts you’ll be listening to all summer long!

Over this last year I have become obsessed with podcasts! I never understood the hype surrounding them until I found a few that I enjoy. Sometimes listening to the radio or music in the car or on a walk can get repetitive so I find that podcasts are a great way to switch it up! There are podcasts on EVERYTHING! But here are some of my favorite ones relating to health, fitness, real life, and living active! I swear there is a podcast for everyone...and they are FREE (if you have apple music) Most of the podcasts I listen to are also available for free on youtube as well, so be sure to check that out. I like using the "podcast" built in app of my iPhone because I can download the podcasts I want and listen when I am offline. Whether you're stuck on the 405 or on a plane ride to Europe, these podcasts are sure to make the time go faster!

My favorite right now is the KIC POD hosted by Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw from the Keep It Cleaner program in Australia. They have brand new episodes every Wednesday all about different topics and with different guests! It is awesome to hear stories from young women who are challenging the notion that "skinny means healthy," strong means healthy! All body types are different and its more important that we nourish our bodies with food that is good for us and makes us feel good. I think during this awkward post-grad/mid 20's phase in our lives it is important to get advice or learn from people other than parents. I love my parents, but we live in such a different generation and it is not easy to navigate life on your own. I love hearing perspectives from other women whether they be fitness gurus, political, chefs, or just motivational!

Last but certainly not least is Serial. Of all the podcasts this may be my most favorite. Listening to this award winning podcast by Sarah Koenig is like a movie for your ears. I am a big fan of true-crime documentaries and thriller novels, so when I was recommended this podcast I was intrigued. Season 1 is about a 1990's murder of a young girl whose boyfriend was found guilty of her murder. The story is told by a journalist who decided to investigate the murder 20 years later! If this sounds interesting to you, I 100% recommend it!

What are your favorite podcasts?

xx L

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